Indoor Garden

Create an Indoor Garden Oasis

Green is always in style! So why not infuse your home with plenty of organic character, texture, and color? Z Gallerie’s exclusive selection of faux plants allows anyone to create a stunning centerpiece, vignette, or an entire indoor garden.

Artificial plants and artificial flowers offered by Z Gallerie are touchably lifelike with thick succulent leaves, vibrant flower petals, and richly textured mosses.

Green Spaces

Branch out with our full-bodied Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, nestled in a chic, contemporary pot. Tuck our green moss into a floral arrangement or glass terrarium as a finishing touch. Group together a mix of succulent balls in a large bowl atop your coffee table. Position a trailing amethyst orchid on an entryway table for a burst of bloom. Or set several faux air plants along a branch, and incorporate onto a bookshelf.

Faux Plants & Garden Accessories for all Styles

Whether your home has an eclectic, boho vibe or something more traditional, Z Gallerie’s luxe for less guarantee brings you faux plants and accessories for every space. Find a selection of cloche options to add dimension to your plant displays; add unique grapewood vine branches for incredible texture; or layer black polished river rocks in a glass vase.

Green thumb or black thumb, get easy indoor garden inspiration with Z Gallerie’s remarkably lifelike, no-maintenance faux plant renditions.