Table Games

Top-Notch Game Room Entertaining

Looking for ideas for outfitting a game room? Z Gallerie has you covered with classic table games and sleek, modern-inspired game tables.

Gaming for All

Make every move elegant with sophisticated game designs crafted from high-quality materials. Each captivating game display stands on its own as an inviting accent to any room. Part art, part conversation starter, Z Gallerie games are meant to be both admired and played, bearing the unmistakable marks of tasteful design and careful thought in every detail.

Games are more than just child's play. Pick up where you left off with Z Gallerie exhilarating table games. Check out our striking lucite collection of classic favorites including Tic Tac Toe, Dominoes, Chess, Checkers, and Four In A Row. Take a second look at the elegant simplicity of the marble and gold peg games like Triangle Peg Solitaire. Every move looks elegant on a black and mirrored Chess Set.