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Trusted by over 4,00,000+ websites, BlogVault is the best WordPress backup service for your website.

What does BlogVault backup?



Plugin Files




Theme Files



Theme Settings

Plugin Settings

WordPress Settings

WordPress Database

WordPress Core Files

Users' Details

Media Library Uploads


Custom Post Types

Categories and Tags

Images, Videos, Media

What makes BlogVault the best Backup WordPress Service?

Site down? Backups still up!

Backups that are available even when your site isn’t. Access offsite backups independently using BlogVault dashboard.

Reliable Comprehensive Backups

With over 4,00,000+ websites successfully backed up, you can trust BlogVault for guaranteed backups that always work.

No Overload on your Server

Zero-load incremental syncs that store backups on BlogVault’s own servers. No slow websites, no storage overheads

The Ultimate Backup WordPress Service for
all your Website Backup and Restore Needs.

Zero Load Backups

BlogVault’s backups are cleverly designed to cause zero load on your server. All your backups are stored on BlogVault’s servers so you never have to worry about storage on your servers.

Incremental Backups

Intelligent backups that sync only incremental changes for minimal server load. Your website will never have a slow day.


No Storage Overheads

BlogVault stores backups on its own server, so you never have to worry about storage space on your web servers.


90 days Backup WordPress Site

An organized backup repository that lets you view, compare, and access backups instantly on the BlogVault dashboard.

Independent Offsite Backups

BlogVault stores all your backups remotely so you can access them even when your site is down. Secure backups at your fingertips – at all times.



Offsite Independent Access

Access and restore backups anytime you need – even when your site is down, from the BlogVault dashboard.

Secure Encrypted Backups

Your backups are encrypted using Enterprise grade Encryption methods and stored on secure Amazon S3 servers.

Multiple Backup Copies

We create multiple backup copies of your site on our servers. Upload backups to DropBox, download them offline, or upload them to GDrive.

Complete and Flexible WordPress Backups

Daily backup WordPress, unlimited on-demand backups, and even database or file only backups – complete control and flexibility at the click of a button.




Database File Backups

BlogVault backs up your complete WordPress site – WordPress files, the database, and even non-WordPress files.

Daily Automatic Backup

Flexible daily backups at a time of your choice and convenience. Automated backups that take care of everything.

Unlimited On-Demand Backups

Need the latest WordPress Site Backup right now? Take unlimited instant backups anytime you need. In one click.

How does BlogVault Backup WordPress Sites?

Syncs Complete Site

Add your site to BlogVault and it first backs up your entire website on its own servers.


Tracks Changes

BlogVault tracks and records every little change on your website.


Incremental Sync

BlogVault intelligently syncs only the incremental changes to its own servers.

See what our customers say about us

(BlogVault) saved two of my blogs, twice and I even use it to move sites from one server to another. I have never been let down by it. Amos Struck Stock Photo Press Magazines

The fab team at @blogvault have introduced staging and I got to update a site that’s not been updated in 12 months, safely. Jo Waltham Director, Callia Web

We can easily restore backups and even test them on BlogVault server prior to restoring; it makes migrations a cinch. Miriam Schwab Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic

More and more sites were getting hacked, and I almost shut down my business… With BlogVault I am confident my sites are backed up and restore them dependably. Yardena Epstein Owner of YardenaWeb

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WordPress Backup Plugin FAQ

Does BlogVault backup WordPress website?

Yes, BlogVault is a WordPress plugin that takes WordPress backups. It is one of the best WordPress backup plugins and will work perfectly on your WordPress site.

How can I do manual backup?

There are ways for your site to backup WordPress site manually. A quick Google search on site manually backup will give you information on how to backup WordPress manually.

Does BlogVault take MySQL database backup?

Yes. It does. BlogVault is one of the best WordPress database backup plugins.

Can I restore my database with BlogVault?

Yes. BlogVault not just helps take regular backups of your WordPress but also helps in restoring your database.

Why do I need BlogVault if I can take manual backups?

Manual backups are a time-consuming and inefficient process. BlogVault backups WordPress site daily and without any manual intervention. It is fast and inefficient.

How can I access BlogVault control panel?

You can access BlogVault login page from here.

My web host offers backup services, can I still use BlogVault?

Yes, you can use BlogVault even if your hosting provider offers backup services.

Will WordPress help restore my site?

Yes, BlogVault will help restore your site. It is extremely easy to restore your WordPress blog with BlogVault one-click restore facility. Here’s a step by step complete guide on How to Auto-Restore using BlogVault.

To use BlogVault, do I need to install WordPress?

Yes, BlogVault is a WordPress plugin. You need to have an installed WordPress to use this plugin. A WordPress installation is a must.

Can I download a backup of my site?

Yes, using BlogVault you can download a copy of your site.

Can I schedule my backups?

Yes, BlogVault does offer opportunities for scheduled backups.

Will BlogVault help restore my database?

Yes, BlogVault will not just take a backup of your WordPress but will also help you restore your database. BlogVault is one of the best WordPress backup solution for backups and restore.

Can BlogVault secure my site?

Yes, besides storing your backups, BlogVault also provides WordPress security.

Can I upload WordPress backup to Dropbox using BlogVault?

Yes, you can.

Does BlogVault use Amazon S3 services?

Yes. BlogVault maintains multiple copies of backup on its own server as well as Amazon S3 servers.

Does BlogVault offer cloud storage facilities?

Yes. BlogVault comes with various backup options. Using BlogVault you can backup files in cloud storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Is BlogVault only available in pro version?

Yes. BlogVault has no free version.

Can BlogVault backup WordPress site to computer?

Yes. Using BlogVault, you can download your backups to your computer.

Can BlogVault take WordPress incremental backup?

Yes. BlogVault takes WordPress incremental backup.

Does BlogVault backup WordPress database?

Yes, it does.

Is BlogVault a WordPress database backup plugin?

BlogVault is a full WordPress website backup plugin and it does backup your database.

How to backup WordPress website?

To learn how to backup a website, take a look at this help doc on How do I backup when I want to?

How to take backup of WordPress site from cpanel?

If your web host takes backup then you might be able to access those backups from the cpanel. You’ll need to get in touch with your web host provider to find that out.

How to restore WordPress backup cPanel?

If your web host takes backup then there might be a way to restore those backups from the cPanel. You’ll need to get in touch with your web host provider to find that out.

Is BlogVault a backup WordPress site to a computer plugin?

With BlogVault you can download the backups to your computer.

How to upload backup of WordPress site?

To know how to restore backup of your website, take a look at this help doc on How do I Restore or Recover my site?  

How to backup WordPress files?

To learn how to backup WordPress files, take a look at this beginners guide on How do I backup when I want to?

What are some of the other WordPress backup solutions?

There are many backup solutions for WordPress websites available like BackupBuddy, UpdraftPlus, CodeGuard, InfiniteWP, ManageWP, MainWP, etc.

Can I backup all my WordPress sites using BlogVault?

You can backup your WordPress websites using BlogVault. The number of websites you can backup depends on the plan you have subscribed to.

Will BlogVault cause conflict with other WordPress plugins?

No. BlogVault is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress and won’t cause any conflict with other backup plugins.

Are there options for automatic backups?

Yes, BlogVault offers automatic WordPress backup process.

Can BlogVault backup my entire site?

Yes, BlogVault can backup your WordPress site entirely.

I’ve heard WordPress backups my site?

WordPress does not backup your website.

Can I get my site's backups in my hard drives?

Yes, you can download your WordPress site backups onto your computer in a zip file and then transfer it in your hard drive.

My hosting company provides backup services, so do I need BlogVault?

Many WordPress hosting companies offer backup services. We’d suggest that you compare the backup services of your managed WordPress hosting or shared WordPress hosting with that of BlogVault and then take a call.

Can backing up my site using WordPress affect Google Rankings?

No, backing up your site with BlogVault will not affect your Google ranking.

Do I need information about FTP clients to use BlogVault?

You will need your SFTP details to perform functions like Migrations, etc. To find your SFTP details get in touch with your web host and follow the instructions they give you.

Does BlogVault backup MySQL databases and WordPress themes?

Yes, BlogVault does backup your database and WordPress theme (along with child theme).  

Do I need to give access to my file manager for taking backups?

No, we don’t need access to your file manager.  

Is there free version of BlogVault?

No, BlogVault only has a premium version.

Can I use Dropbox plugin along with BlogVault backup services?


Does BlogVault offer remote storage?

Yes, it does.

Does BlogVault utilize facilities like Dropbox Amazon S3?

Yes, it does.

Does BlogVault take backups of WordPress site files and all my blog posts?

Yes, BlogVault takes backup of your entire website.  

Do I need to access my WordPress dashboard to take backups?

No, BlogVault backups are automated. There is no need to access your site dashboard.

Can I get my backups schedule with BlogVault?

Yes. BlogVault allows you to schedule your backups.

Is BlogVault a WordPress backup and restore plugin?

Yes. To understand the range of features BlogVault offers, take a look at BlogVault feature page.

Does BlogVault restore WordPress database?

Yes, it does.

Can BlogVault do a WordPress database backup restore?

Yes, BlogVault can restore an entire website including the database.

How to backup website?

To learn how to backup a website, take a look at this help doc on How do I backup when I want to?

How to backup WordPress database without PHPMyAdmin?

Using BlogVault, you can backup your WordPress database without accessing PHPMyAdmin.

Is BlogVault a WordPress backup to Google Drive plugin?

With BlogVault you can download the backups and then upload it to your GDrive account.

Can BlogVault backup WordPress without plugin?

No. BlogVault is a WordPress plugin. To use it you need to install it into your WordPress website.

Is BlogVault a WordPress migration plugin?

Yes, BlogVault offers migration services.